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Tucson Custom Printed Shirts and Other Apparel

Custom digital t-shirt printing in Tucson with WOW colors. No, there’s no minimum and no there’s no set-up. Because the entire process is digital and is absorbed by the shirt fiber. No harmful chemicals and these custom printed shirts have an extended number of washes. The advantages are so significant that we only suggest screen printed shirts with over 250 items. YES! We can save you money and our delivery is so fast that it makes others seem slow.

Unbelievable Color – Custom Printed Shirts

custom printed shirts. universitty of arizona and greek custom t shirtsThe entire project is printed in full color (CMYK) along with white ink. The same resolution is used  for our award winning high end prints of all types. Join the 100’s of clients that have switched to this proprietary technology.  Tucson printed t shirts.


No Minimums, No Set-Up. Digitally Designed!

custom printed shirts for team non-profits

Our minimum is one! Remember those special custom printed t shirts you’ve always wanted? A reunion? A sports team? A special pet? Well now’s the time and we won’t charge you a set-up fee either. So, time to make that favorite photo a masterpiece?


Design Your Own Right On-Line!

custom garment printing. design on an apron.Have you ever wanted to design your own custom printed University of Arizona t-shirt? Belong to a sorority or a fraternity? Looking for that just right look that will make you stand out in any crowd. The best news? You design it right on our website.



Certified Green Process Direct to Garment

custom printed t shirts certified green

At Tucson printed shirts, we use a certified digital t-shirt green process for printing. Screen Printing? Most screen printing inks use formaldehyde and heavy metals. The inks are simply laid on the top of the custom printed t shirt. You remember the smell of ink and that plastic feel.   Exclusive process!  Better look, better air flow, and a lot safer for you and the environment.



Comparing Screen vs. Digital Printing.

The major advantage of screen printed shirts is price at large volume. If you are interested in volumes of over 250 shirts (usually one or two colors) we’ll be happy to supply them to you. For smaller volumes, we’ll introduce you to a patented process which will change the way you look at custom printed shirts.  Let us show you samples and take you on a tour of our facility.



We Print Light & Dark Custom Printed T Shirts

custom printed shirt full color dark or light

Another important factor in full color shirt printing is the ability to produce full color shirts on both light and dark fabric. And the answer is yes we can. The reason is that not only do we have the ability to run full process color but white ink is applied to the fabric. The result is amazing!  You’ll be able to produce full color designs and photo-quality results in record time.




What is Custom Digital Garment Printing? or known as apparel printing, direct to substrate printing or DTG (direct to garment printing) or digital printing for custom printed shirts.

The Decorated Apparel Industry was taken by storm in late 2004 when some of the first commercial based full color custom shirts were released. Before you can truly understand why DTG digital garment printing has become so popular, you will need to understand some background history.

For years, if you wanted to print a couple of custom printed t shirts you would use either digital transfer paper or try to screen print the order. Both of these decorating methods have their positives, but they also come with negatives. Digital transfers allow you to create as little as a one-off shirt via a standard desktop inkjet or laser printer. The result is not one with which you would be happy.

When it comes to custom printed t shirts,  screen printed shirts have traditionally been the decorating method of choice for most of the apparel that you see in retail stores. With screen printing t-shirts, ink is only dropped down on garment where the design is, thus eliminating the undesirable window that can occur with some digital transfer paper. However, a graphic must be separated (the process that breaks the down graphic into the different colors needed to print it), a screen must be burned for each color and it requires a screen printing press to be setup. This can become a very time consuming and expensive process when you only need a few custom printed shirts. Commonly referred to as a short run, which can be as low as 1 custom printed shirt to as many as 250.
That’s why Graphic Impact is unique. We use a proprietary water based system giving the apparel a soft feel and does not use toxic chemicals.

We serve Tucson, Green Valley, Oro Valley, Marana, Vale, and Casa Grande.