It’s Digital Technology That Makes The Difference!

Graphic Impact is not your normal sign store. Or printing store. Or plaques and awards store. We pride ourselves on having the most recent and very best digital technology available. When we receive any order, the chances are we’ll sit around the table and use our creativity and over twenty years of experience to decide the best way to proceed with your projects. That way you’ll be sure to end up with he best, and many times the most economical solution.

  • Printing Directly on Material
    Printing Directly on Material
    Graphic Impact prints directly to almost any type of material and up to two inches thick. This includes materials such as aluminum, gator board, foam core, coroplast, acrylic and much more. This results in higher quality prints at a much more economical price. Maximum size for this flat bed is four feet by eight feet. […]
  • Banner and Backlit Printer
    Banner and Backlit Printer
    Latex ink printing is a new technology used by Graphic Impact to print banners, backlit prints, fabrics and vehicle wraps. These are all products that benefit from the more vivid colors, higher resolution, and added durability. If you care about the environment as we do, this is a good reason to use this new ink […]
  • Flat Bed Cutter and Creaser
    Flat Bed Cutter and Creaser
    The Samurai flat bed cutter is the perfect tool for professional finishing of printed graphics on all kind of soft materials such as foam, coroplast, pvc, styrene, corrugated cardboard, magnetic film, etc. Its 4 working tools, dragging knife, oscillating knife, scoring wheel and plot pen, mounted permanently on the machine, make any cutting and creasing
  • Lamination for Signs, Banners and Paper Products
    Lamination for Signs, Banners and Paper Products
    Let Graphic Impact coat all of your signs, banners, paper products and canvas. The result is a tough coating that performs two functions. First, durability and extending the life of almost any product. Second, our coatings tend to make colors brighter with greater saturation. Currently our coatings include gloss, matte, graffiti resistant and velvet texture. […]
  • Digital Printing and Finishing
    Digital Printing and Finishing
    Graphic Impact systems for printing includes the award winning Konica Minolta digital printer. For a variety of printing needs the quality cannot be beat. Lamination available in-house.
  • High Powered Lasers
    High Powered Lasers
    Powerful lasers are used to cut and engrave acrylic, wood, metal and plastic. Custom awards are a specialty. Any size, shape or design can be included. These same lasers are used to produce ADA compliant signs and even full color designs can be incorporated.
  • Giclee Printing on Canvas
    Giclee Printing on Canvas
    When printing giclee prints on canvas or water color paper there is only one printer capable of producing this work. Printed full color with 12 pigmented ink cartridges. When using the process as specified, there is a manufacturers warranty of 99 years.
  • Apparel Printing
    Apparel Printing
    Shirts and other apparel are printed right here by Graphic Impact. High quality full color prints on either dark or light fabrics. Get more washings with no minimum quantity requirements or set-up charges. You’ll love the results!
  • Precision Routers for Metal Cutting
    Precision Routers for Metal Cutting
    Graphic Impact uses precision routers to cut materials such as brass, gator board, acrylic, wood and much more. Maximum size is four feet by eight with a thickness of four inch material.