Embroidered Shirts

Embroidered Shirts

What is an Embroidered Shirt?

There is a substantial benefit to your brand  and your corporate image when your staff is on the same page visually by wearing a uniform to greet and service your customers. Actual and potential customers are accustomed to knowing at a glance who works at the establishment they are visiting. The style and color of shirts your teams wears will have a psychological impact on how your employees act and how your customers react.

An embroidered shirt with your company logo on it can make your company look more professional and help your customers to find your staff when they need them and so are ideal for many sorts of companies and projects.

Some corporate buyers want their embroidered shirt colors to approximate their primary logo color, while some corporate wear is selected on the basis of persona goals. Long sleeve versus short sleeve, easy care fabric versus 100 percent cotton fabric are just two considerations. Keep in mind that durable work fabrics cost more, but have a longer life cycle.

Custom Embroidered Shirts from Tucson Printed Shirts

With Tucson Printed Shirts, you can create the perfect embroidered T-shirts for everyone on your team. Choose from a selection of colors, sizes and features such as moisture-wicking fabric, and create custom embroidered T-shirts that are right for you.