Amazing, Custom Printed Hoodies with a Soft Feel and High Durability

What is Soft Feel in Custom Printed Hoodies and How is it Obtained?

In traditional screen printing the shirt is printed with inks that are placed on top of a hoodie. There are two problems that my occur.  First the ink is subject to cracking (spidering) since the ink is thick and quite hard and coated many times, there are only a limited number of washings before deterioration begins.

To guarantee a softer touch the actual fiber should be dyed (printed). The result is that the entire custom printed hoodie tends to breathe.  This water-based, environmentally friendly system is what is used For custom Printed Hoodies by Tucson Printed Shirts.

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You don’t have to be an experienced designer to select a personalized and custom printed hoodie.  We have all the tools needed to get you going.  We have hundreds of of team logos, images and ready made designs of all shapes and sizes. And they’re all in full color! If designing your own shirt or hoodie isn’t for you, that’s one of the reasons our product specialists are here.  And all of us are ready to help.

A quick visit to our showroom is all it takes.

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Design your own University of Arizona Custom Printed hoodie.  Yes, we are licensed to help you design your own hoodie, either right on-line or we are glad to help.  We have a catalog of ready to go designs and logos to make your job much easier.  How unique will your design be?  Choose a custom color for your hoodie, select a design, up-load your artwork or visit Graphic Impact.  The process is easy and fun.


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