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Custom Digital T-Shirt Printing With No Minimum

This digital printing process is taking the place of screen printing.  This blog discusses some of the advantages of our process.

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Any number of colors with no set-up fee.  Just download your file or design right on line.  Normal delivery is 1-2 business days.

This digital printing system allows us to penetrate the fibers in the apparel and not laying ink onto the surface.

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You’ve gotten accustomed to shirt printing by screen printing. Wearing them, seeing them and buying them. Several years ago the first generation of digital printers for shirt printing entered the marketplace and introduced the first digitally printed shirts. Although full color images were possible, the results did not match industry expectations.

The problem areas included:

  • Only white and very light colors could be printed. white ink was not available, color saturation (vivid colors) was missing
  • Pre-treatment (needed for digital imaging on apparel) was done manually causing slow turn-around time and erratic results
  • As was done in screen printing the ink was laid on top of the garment causing a plastic feel and not allowing the shirt to “breathe”

This equipment is still in use today and continues to be sold by the manufacturers.

Shirt Printing Problem Solved by Graphic Impact

THE GOOD NEWS . . . Graphic Impact has implemented a process that will change the way you look at personalized shirt printing and other apparel! First we should explain that this is the first and only “GREEN” printing process. Unlike screen printing, formaldehyde and heavy metals are not used in the inks. The process has been certified by two international bodies. Currently Graphic Impact is the only company in the Southwest utilizing this method for shirt printing. We encourage you to visit our facility and see the equipment in action.

Benefits of Our Shirt Printing Technology

Here are some of the more important benefits:

  • there are no minimum quantity purchases necessary and we do not charge you for setting up your job
  • there is a “soft feel” and touch to the completed print
  • we have the ability to print on both light and dark shirts
  • extremely quick delivery when compared to other methods
  • high rez shirt printing in full color. Wait till you see the photo quality output
  • competitive pricing
  • you can design your own shirt right on line

We look forward to working with you on your next project.  If you are interested in designing many of the products we provide. Find out more here!


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