Hoodies Keep You Warm and in Style

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What is a Hoodie?

A hoodie is a very casual jacket or outerwear that has …a hood. The hood on a hoodie is plainly visible; you can’t stow it or hide it inside the collar like you can with some jackets that have hoods. In fact, hoodies have no collar.  A hoodie can be a pull-over style or it can be a full-zippered affair …and look and fit  like a jacket.

You have heavy-weight hoodies that are like sweatshirts for colder weather. You have lightweight hoodies made out of t-shirt material for warmer weather.Long sleeve, short sleeve or no sleeve.

Hoodies can be worn as an outer garment …as in over a shirt.  Hoodies can be worn as a shirt …by themselves …with nothing underneath.

But most of all, hoodies have become a favorite for personalization  with logos, names, family member and a lot more.