Screen Printing – Large Volume and 1-2 Colors

screen printing machine

Before starting each color must be set-up on a computer and screen made for each. The process is intensive and sometimes takes hours to complete depending upon the actual artwork.

Here is a simplified description of the screen printing process.  A  squeegee is  used to move the mesh down to the substrate and the squeegee is then pushed to the rear of the screen. In the meantime, the tension of the mesh will pull the mesh away from the substrate.  This will leave the ink on the substrate surface. The ink is passed through this screen (or a ‘mesh’), which is fixed on a frame before it is passed through the screen. A stencil is applied on the screen. The openings on this stencil are also responsible in determining the image that needs to be imprinted on the screen. Different types of screens may be used for different colors. The process is then repeated until the desired outcome is obtained.