What is Digital Printing?

You May Have Heard the Term “Digital Imaging” While Researchng Companies for Apparel Printing

Digital Printing on Textiles Description

It is the term used to describe printing technology for apparel that links printing processes directly to computers.  First and most important is that digital print offers many benefits that you just cannot achieve with screen printing. The benefits of digital printing include: 1) A faster turnaround time, the capability of smaller print runs and high quality, full color printing while maintaining a low per unit cost. Further you have the ability to easily print a single image that can act as a printed proof.One more benefit to digital print is that the design can be modified along the way. Since there is no permanent screen to deal with, if it turns out there is a spelling or design error once the job has been approved, the file can be easily modified before the print run continues. It is very flexible that way.

Why Digital Printing?

Screen Printing definitely has it’s place and need in the apparel printing world. Most large scale runs, recurring jobs and other things of the like benefit from the factory-like process.  However, if you are a business owner and need something printed quickly, while still maintaining a high quality or you are unsure about the finished product,  you will likely need to turn to digital print.

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