• Building Signs
    Building Signs
    No job is too large and definitely no job is too small for Graphic Impact.  This is the new branding for the University of Arizona Medical Center.
  • Baseball Photo
    Baseball Photo
    This twenty foot PVC sign of the NCAA Champion Baseball Team is displayed at Hy Corbett Field.  Designed and fabricated by Graphic Impact
  • Custom Apparel
    Custom Apparel
    Custom, full color printed shirts (dark or white) are printed by Graphic Impact.  Design on-line or download on our website
  • UA Softball
    UA Softball
    Talk about intimidation!  How would you like to be playing softball against this team?  Designed, fabricated and installed by Graphic Impact.
  • Framed Jersey
    Framed Jersey
    Graphic Impact designs and fabricates framed jerseys that are both unique and creative. This design is for UA Basketball.
  • Vehicle Wraps
    Vehicle Wraps
    Keep letters and graphics large and readable.  This vehicle was designed, printed and installed by Graphic Impact.  Great readability!
  • WallPaper
    UA Volleyball Locker Room, wall paper turns ordinary into extraordinary.  Designed, printed and installed by Graphic Impact.   Laminated for added durability.
  • Custom Awards
    Custom Awards
    Graphic Impact supplies Raytheon Missile Systems with custom awards presented to high ranking officials.  Awards consist of a scale model, custom wood and lasered graphics and text.
  • Street Banners
    Street Banners
    Street banners such as these were produced for Tucson Parks and Rec.  Made to last in the hot Arizona sun, a liquid gloss laminate was applied to provide added outdoor durability.  
  • Window Graphics
    Window Graphics
    Graphic Impact created, produced and installed the Titanic Exhibit graphics in Tucson.  Of special importance to the client was the high resolution, vividness of colors and durability in the hot Arizona sun.  
  • Banners
    Graphic Impact produces more banners than anyone.  This is one of the over 100 banners produced for the University of Arizona Book Festival.
  • Big Heads
    Big Heads
    Did you ever wonder who makes all those Big Heads you see on TV.  They’re a corrugated plastic material than can be cut to any shape